Polona Tratnik,

born in 1976 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia,
holds PhD in philosophy and theory of visual culture, MA and BA in arts,
is Dean of New University, Faculty for Slovene and International Studies, where she is full professor for philosophy and art; she is research councillor at Institute IRRIS for Research, Development and Strategies of Society, Culture and Environment. She is leader or research program Social Functions of Fairy Tales.
She is president of the Slovenian Society of Aesthetics (since 2011) and an Executive Committee Member of the International Association of Aesthetics.
Between 2016 and 2019 she was Dean of Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Faculty for Graduate Studies Ljubljana, and the principal investigator of the research program Investigations of Cultural Formations funded by Slovenian Research Agency. In 2019/2020 she also held courses at University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Faculty of Arts, at the Faculty of Education of the University of Maribor and at the Faculty for Design. She used to be (2012-2013) Head of the Department for Cultural Studies at the Faculty for Humanities of the University of Primorska and coordinator of the PhD program Philosophy and Theory of Visual Culture. In 2012 she was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar, as well as a Guest Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz. She was a Guest Professor also at the Capital Normal University Bejing (China), at the Faculty for Art and Design Helsinki TAIK (Finland), and at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico City).
She has authored eight monographs as single author, including Art in Contemporaneity (Belgrade: Orion, 2018), Conquest of Body. Biopower with Biotechnology (Springer, 2017), Hacer-vivir más allá del cuerpo y del medio (Mexico City: Herder, 2013), Art as Intervention (Ljubljana: Sophia, 2017), The End of Art. Genealogy of Modern Discourse: from Hegel to Danto (Annales, 2009), In Vitro. The Living Beyond Body and Art (Horizonti, 2011), Transart. Culture and Art in Global Conditions (Pedagoški inštitut, 2011), Introduction to Media Art (Inštitut Nove Revije 2017), and the the editor of Art: Resistance, Subversion, Madness and coeditor of Spaces of Art.
Polona Tratnik is a pioneer bio artist who exhibited worldwide at shows such as Ars Electronica festival and BEAP festival in Perth. She was an art director of the Break 2.3 multimedia festival New Species.
Research fields: philosophy of art, culture, media, and science.
Interests: art & science, tactical media, art & politics, biopolitics, biotechnology (particularly regenerative medicine), the concept of life, the social and political functions of folk tales.

Rezultat iskanja slik za conquest of body

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